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Own is an AWS Marketplace leading ISV Accelerate partner.

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Own achieved its AWS storage competency specialization. This designation recognizes that Own has demonstrated proven technology that helps customers achieve their cloud storage goals. It differentiates Own as an AWS APN member that helps organizations adopt, develop, and deploy complex projects on AWS.

SaaS data protection for your Salesforce, Dynamics 365, and ServiceNow customers

Built on AWS, Own is the leading independent SaaS data platform. Benefit from cash incentives and quota retirement by co-selling with Own, a non-competitive partner commercially available in AWS Marketplace.

Why should you recommend Own to your customers?

Retire quota working with an AWS Marketplace partner

Since Own is a member of the ISV Accelerate Program, helping accelerate deals and source opportunities creates enhanced incentives for AWS sellers.

Expand your buying audience

Build relationships and drive deeper engagement with non-traditional IT buyers. Selling Own introduces you to new organizational budgets.

Upsell more products with export to Amazon S3 features

Customers can export data directly to their Amazon S3 bucket, which makes it easy to cross and upsell BI tools, such as AWS QuickSight, for data analysis.

Help your customers protect SaaS workloads

Elevate your customers’ data resiliency with products that enhance their data security, privacy, and infrastructure within Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Dynamics 365.

5,600+ customers across every industry trust OwnBackup to protect their data

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